Adventure Mode consists of two different game types.

Boss Mode 
Challenge yourself by playing solo or gather a group of friends to fight through waves of monsters. Overcome various obstacles to reach the Boss monster. Make sure to defeat the Boss before the time runs out, or you'll lose!

Zombie Mode 
This is a single-player mode where you face endless waves of zombies. Stay alive as long as you can, as the game will end once you are killed or when the time runs out.

1. These buttons allow you to create a basic room in Adventure Mode. You can select the difficulty from Normal, Hard, and Hell

  • Single Play can only be played in Normal difficulty and a Boss Chest will not be rewarded, but EXP and Carats can be gained.
  • Party Play creates a default public room for up to six people. Boss Chest, EXP, and Carats will be rewarded depending on the success or failure of the mission.
2. Each icon represents a different boss.
3. Zombie Mode is available in this map. The default map is Subway.
4.This arrow sends you to the D-H Boss Mode screen.

1. This represents the difficulty level you have cleared solo and is marked with a disc icon.
2. D-H Boss Mode is split into several sections. Select the one you want to play.
3. You must defeat the previous stage in order to create a room for the next stage. These rooms are defaulted to one round.

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